SurfaceCleaner-II US Version 600-SC02P

Artikelnummer: 600-SC02P

Having conducted wrap trainings and seminars all over the world, Justin Pate knows how to install like no other. No wonder he was enthusiastic about the SOTT liquids. “These are the products that every installer needs. I'm sold". 

  -Justin Pate


  *Only Available in the US and Japan*

Introducing America's first all-in-one cleaner!



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Up until now, wrappers in the U.S. had to clean a car twice – first with a general cleaner then a degreaser.

SOTT Surface Cleaner-II is a unique blend of powerful cleaners that quickly removes dirt and oil at the same time. This means one wipe down, not two which is standard when using a general cleaner then a degreaser.
Cleaning the car once with SOTT Surface Cleaner-II saves time which, over the course of a year, saves hours and hours. This translates into higher profits and, most importantly, because SOTT Surface Cleaner-II equals one step, it lets wrappers do what they love most, wrapping.


Thoroughly cleans and degreases even the smallest and hardest-to-reach spots - all of that in just one product. A good professional all-in-one cleaner and degreaser prevents film from premature failures.


How easy is it?

Spray the surface with SurfaceCleaner-II.
(You can also spray it on your cloth).

Thoroughly polish and dry the moistened surface with a clean cotton or microfiber cloth.

Ready for installation!

Surfacecleaner-II is the best-selling cleaner in the world, used by wrappers, sign makers, window tint film installers, the marine industry as well as the OEM industry. Made in Europe, now available in the US! 1 ltr (33.81 oz) Bottle

Prepare for Installation!

Paint, Plastic and Rubber

SurfaceCleaner-II is specially developed to, thoroughly and quickly, get a perfectly clean and grease-free surface on all types of vehicle substrates – paint, plastic and rubber. No whitening or burning of the clear coat. The mixture of special ingredients removes grease, grime, wax and adhesive residue at the molecular level.


Before you start installing window film, etch glass or vinyl lettering, you want to make sure the surface is completely clean. You'll be amazed at how effective and fast SurfaceCleaner-II does its job! It “seeps” under grease and dirt molecules that results in an easy wipe off and it evaporates quickly.

Signshop Workhorse

Plastic sheets, advertising signs or banner material? No worries. The multi-talent product called SurfaceCleaner-II is designed to be suitable for all types of applications.

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