-Masters Of Trends-

SOTT has been an inventor and developer of cool trends for more than 20 years. They develop tools, fluids and adhesive films for the advertising and automotive industries. One of these is the creation of colours for color change wrap vinyls. SOTT has gradually built a worldwide reputation of being a trendsetter in this field.

Our Roots

In 1986 Marco Boyer started as a creative designer in the automotive department of a 3M subsidiary in the Netherlands. Always looking for innovations and thinking up solutions for the impossible, Marco had the proper mindset for starting a company as a supplier of specialty adhesive films and unique tools, a few years later. Starting in 1996, Marco has written 15 books and 10 training seminars with innovative installation techniques that are currently being used all over the world.

SOTT knows what you need

Wouldn't it be nice if a manufacturer and supplier treated its distributors with respect by actually listening, thinking along and guiding you towards additional growth? It is for real!

Not just for buying
Doing business with SOTT goes way beyond just buying. SOTT thinks ahead. The sales team is ready to assist you with your order from start to finish. Whether it concerns the most effective way to ship or how to generate extra

Listening and thinking along
SOTT knows like no one else that doing business can be different in another country. They would like to support you by preparing photo material and promotions together with you. Let us know and we will help you.

Test us out.
Not convinced yet? Put us to the test and contact us. Notice the difference.

Ask and we will answer

Anyone can supply you with film and tools. But do they have the practical know-how to provide you with a quick answer?

Installation Expertise
SOTT's founders have over 25 years of installation and development experience in the sign, automotive, graphics and window film industries under their belts. This has accumulated into an impressive amount of professional and practical expertise about proper installations, which is made available to the client in the form of well-founded advice, preventing many problems later.

Product Expertise
SOTT masters the art of combining product knowledge with installation expertise perfectly. This generates special films and tools that become the ideal solutions to many of the common problems in our field. These are the kind of products SOTT sells.

SOTT is not blind to the world outside of supplying and distributing. They continually monitor the market, looking for new developments and adapting their products accordingly. What is more, they often know where the trends of their market are heading, so they configure their product and service range with those in mind.

Marketing expertise
SOTT loves to help its clients. Do you have problems with your marketing or your sales strategy, or with a complaint from your customer? Ask us.

SOTT helps

Anyone can supply films and tools. But giving advice on how to use some of the materials or how to sell them best appears to be difficult for many manufacturers. Not to us. We love it.

Increasing sales
SOTT's premise is simple: help the distributor understand our products, how to sell them and how to avoid problems caused by incorrect installation. Result: Everyone happy. That is how SOTT works.

Seminars and Clinics
Open days with seminars that convey useful know-how are ideal to tie your customers to you. We like doing this for our distributors.

We help with knowledge
We provide our distributors with training in the fields of sales, knowledge of materials, product demonstrations, and installation tips at no cost charged to them.

SOTT was the first who started offering practical training 18 years ago. Nobody had ever done this before. Nowadays every manufacturer tries to do the same.

SOTT has no less than seven different special training courses for distributors and installers. SOTT is therefore ideally suited to offer regular training sessions on behalf of its distributors to their customers. Please contact us for more information.


SOTT already hosts more than 18 years of training courses, clinics and seminars for its customers. As many as seven different courses are at your disposal