SurfaceCleaner-II International Version 600-SC02

Article number: 600-SC02
Professional cleaner before film Application


SURFACE CLEANER-II  International Version

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The fast CLEANER for all surfaces

-developed especially for the sign industry
-cleans car paint, metal, plastic, glass, bisonyl, etc, etc.
-biologically degradable

SOTT Surface Cleaner-II is the number one cleaner in the advertising industry. It meets all of the demands of the fitter; just spray Surface Cleaner-II on any surface. It loosens the dirt and you just remove it with a dry cloth. Surface Cleaner works fast and dries during polishing. No stripes, lines or dirt getting spread around.
Just grab the SOTT Surface Cleaner-II, spray, wipe with a dry cloth, job done!

This universal cleaner certainly lives up to its name: it can clean any surface, removing dirt, grease, adhesive residue, etc ready for film application.
This product has been developed in accordance with the latest European standards
and legislation, and conforms to all current environmental requirements.


Prepare for Installation!

Paint, Plastic and Rubber

SurfaceCleaner-II is specially developed to, thoroughly and quickly, get a perfectly clean and grease-free surface on all types of vehicle substrates – paint, plastic and rubber. No whitening or burning of the clear coat. The mixture of special ingredients removes grease, grime, wax and adhesive residue at the molecular level.


Before you start installing window film, etch glass or vinyl lettering, you want to make sure the surface is completely clean. You'll be amazed at how effective and fast SurfaceCleaner-II does its job! It “seeps” under grease and dirt molecules that results in an easy wipe off and it evaporates quickly.

Signshop Workhorse

Plastic sheets, advertising signs or banner material? No worries. The multi-talent product called SurfaceCleaner-II is designed to be suitable for all types of applications.

Surface Cleaner is available in: 

Trigger sprayer each 600-SC02FLES 1ltr bottle-with trigger
Trigger sprayer box of 6 pieces  600-SC02FLES 1ltr bottle-with trigger
Jerrycan contains 5 liter 600-SC02CAN 5ltr Jerrycan
drum gross volume 200 ltr 600-SC02VAT* 200ltr Drum (gross volume)



Use Ultra Clean polishing cloths to check that gaps and joints on cars are thoroughly clean. Ultra Clean cloths 300-021
See article description for more information.

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