SOTT WRAP TWEEZERS 350-201/350-310/350-311

Article number: 350-201/350-310/350-311




Win the fight
with small corners
and seams


Each car wrapper and film installer knows: pushing vinyl into small corners and cutting or wrapping around hard to reach areas can be quite a fight.
Specially designed for those tricky jobs are SOTT WRAP TWEEZERS.

3 different types of tweezers, each with its own purpose. Now you master every little part on the car. Made of stainless steel.




- Round shape, flat inner surface
- Sharp point

This coated pair of tweezers has a sharp pointed nose that curves on the outside while being flat on the inside.
Ideal because now you can keep your grip when handling the vinyl while the outside, due to its curved shape, doesn’t stick to the vinyl.




- Flat round nose
- Pulls the vinyl without destroying it

The stainless steel Wrap Tweezer-I has a special flat round nose that can hold the vinyl without the risk of tearing it while pulling it around corners.
Cut the vinyl to size, heat it up and guide the vinyl around corners using the rounded tips. You’re done.




- Curved end, with point
- Extra thin and precise

Stainless steel tweezers with curved ends. Both points are sharp and fit well together so that vinyl can be easily picked up within cracks, seams, headlights and taillights, etc.
Whenever there isn’t anything else that can be used to get the vinyl in deep
crevices of the car, the Wrap Tweezer-II is the solution.

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