Article number: 350-204



Size: 6mm x 66m

- Define working lines* on any vehicle
- Position lettering along a predetermined line
- Create a flexible ruler for cutting purposes


This 6mm (.25”) plastic tape is a revelation for every fitter. Easy to stretch and shape, does not leave adhesive residue. Quite thick, so doesn't tear or break easily. Cutting and Contour Tape is ideal for:

Defining working lines
Define working lines on curved or wedge shaped cars. This will create a fixed working line that will follow the form of the car. Use this line as a reference for positioning your sign to ensure that it is visually correct.

Establish cutting lines
If film needs to be cut to follow a desired form then Cutting and Contour Tape is the ideal solution. First apply the film, use the tape to create the desired form, and then simply cut carefully along the tape. The red and blue panel shown on the photo can be cut entirely free-hand. The top of the full colour print that runs away slightly at the top can also be cut perfectly using the Cutting and Contour Tape.

Defining working lines
Defining simple working lines before starting the application of any lettering will enable the correct layout of text and logos. Tip: use fixed reference points, such as the corners and edges of doors and panels. This will simplify the layout of the opposite side of a vehicle as well as making any future repairs much more straightforward.

* A working line is an invisible contour reference line running horizontally over the length of the vehicle. Some cars already have a working line added during the forming of the bodywork. However, this is becoming less common in the more recent car models.

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