ROLLEPRO 150-047

Article number: 150-047



-install film over rivets, in channels and on bricks in no time!

The well-known RollePro is the only tool that really works for installing film around rivets and applying wall films to brick or stone walls. The RollePro has a hard foam wheel that presses the film into and around curved or uneven surfaces. Install the film over the surface, warm it up and roll the RollePro over the shape or surface. Keep pressing firmly until the film has cooled off, then heatfix and you're done.


Warm up the film and roll RollePro simply over rivets channels, grooves or joints.

In this image you can see that the hard foam wheel easily takes the shape of the curved surface. Even coarse bricks are no problem. The RollePro easily pushes the film into irregularities of stones, bricks and joints.

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