Right-Off Adhesive Remover 600-Z0415

Article number: 600-Z-0415


The one and only real adhesive remover
-removes adhesive residue in 2 minutes
-also removes tar, grease, chewing gum, paint, etc.
-harmless to all substrates

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Right-Off will not only remove adhesive residue from self adhesive film and window film in less than 120 seconds, but also tar, grease, lubricants, chewing gum, etc. from carpets, upholstery and from plastic, Perspex, Beauty Board, rigid foam, metal, bisonyl, banners and painted surfaces. pH neutral, harmless to substrates and is not classed as a hazardous substance. Suitable for use on all types of film.

SAFE and

1) Apply Right-Off to the surface and wait for 60-90 seconds.
2) Using a Lil‘ Gripper scraper (300-006) scrape the resulting residue into one place. 3) Collect the residue using polishing paper (300-040). Repeat the procedure until all adhesive residue has been removed. 
Apply additional Right-Off as required 4) Thoroughly clean and degrease the treated surface with Surface Cleaner-II (600-SC02) before drying with a clean cloth.

For best results also use a:
Lil‘ Gripper scraper 300-006


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