OLFA Safety Blade Disposal Can 120-DC-5

Article number: 120-DC-5



OLFA Safety Blade Disposal Holster

-Safely and easily dispose of used blades 

Designed for quality-conscious professionals who snap off most frequently. The Blade Disposal Holster DC-5 features easy blade snapping in 2 blade positions and stores used segments while clipping on a tool bag, or a belt. Its compact size is perfect to carry around for one work day. Dispose used segments in bulk at the end of the day!
Accomodates all the OLFA snap-off blade cutters EXCEPT all the 25mm extra heavy duty models, 18mm heavy duty models: CL, KL, PL-1, SL-1, CMP-2, and 9mm stardard-duty models: PA-2, SPC-1, ES-1/green.

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