LIL’ GRIPPER 300-008

Article number: 300-008


LIL' GRIPPER -schraperhouder met polycarbonaat schrapers

- Polycarbonate scrapers will not scratch the substrate!
- For use on glass, car paints, composite sheet material, etc.

DIRT removal
causing any

Removing adhesive residue and stubborn dirt can be quite a problem. Scouring, knives and metal scrapers can leave scratches.

This is where LIL' GRIPPER comes in! This small plastic holder uses a polycarbonate scraper in the shape of a razor blade, but it doesn't leave scratches. It can be used on car paints, Beauty Board, acrylate, rigid foam, wood, glass, etc.

A handy and indispensable scraper for every fitter that should be included in every tool bag, tool box and tool station. This will ensure that all cleaning and removal work will be effective and effortless. Scrapers can also be ordered separately.


The scraper in the LIL' GRIPPER has a sharp edge which will scrape off such
things as adhesive residue with ease. TIP: scrape into one pile then remove
with a polishing cloth. Repeat this procedure until all adhesive residue has
been removed.

For best results use: Right-Off Adhesive remover 600-Z0415

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