Article number: 1917
  • matte cast film with a carbon fiber pattern
  • unique matt-satin top layer called 'STEALTH'
  • no tangible structure
  • 3D pliable

A matte cast carbon look film with the effect of realistic carbon fiber. No tangible 3D structure but a realistic woven pattern that appears to be cast in resin.

This younger brother of the famous high gloss carbon fiber called Elemento-6 has a special matt-satin glow. The sheen of this film is the same as on the real matte carbon as used in supercars like Lamborghini, McLaren and Pagani.

W-1917S STEALTH film is very soft and easy to work over mirrors, bonnets, spoilers, bumpers etc.
The minute air ducts in the adhesive layer ensure trouble-free installation. The film also has a repositionable adhesive layer with low initial tack so large areas such as car roofs and bonnets are easy to wrapped.

Application and specifications:

  • Can easily be worked around rivets and into channels and creases. Convex and concave shapes.
  • Wrap bumpers, mirrors and spoilers with no trouble at all.
  • Also useful for lettering on vehicles such as trucks, boats, jet skis and the like, as well as general exterior advertising.


  • Adhesive layer: acrylic, repositionable, with micro air channels
  • Thickness: 6 mil (100 µ)
  • Stretchability: 150%
  • Durability: up to 5 years*
  • Roll width: 152 cm (60’’)
  • Roll length: 22.85m (75’)


Color chart Read this First Insert sheet
Technical data sheet Information & Guideline sheet


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