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The SOTT Elemento-6™ is a high-quality cast PVC film with realistic carbon fibre pattern under a transparent top layer, creating a realistic 3D depth effect, as if real carbon fibre had been cast in two-component resin. The pattern in the film runs diagonally, but remains very stable when the film is stretched and worked. This film has high elasticity and can be used on just about any extreme form, in channels and swages. It is an excellent choice for application to car bonnets, roofs and mirrors.

SOTT Elemento-6™ is at the technological forefront of the carwrap industry.
SOTT Elemento-6™ is extremely conformable and ideal for automotive as well as industrial and marine applications.


Application: Only dry application. 
Substrate Preparation: All surfaces to which the material will be applied must be thoroughly cleaned with SOTT SC-02 SurfaceCleaner. Ensure all traces of any contamination and cleaning agents are totally removed prior to application of the material.

Self-adhesive media should only be applied to OEM painted surfaces and their use on repaired or damaged paintwork is not recommended. The compatibility of lacquers and paints should be tested by the user prior to the application. 
Please refer to our Application Guidelines for specific technical details for the correct application and removal of the media.

After application, all edges and stretched areas must be heat-set(post heated) at 100 -105°C.

Maintenance & Cleaning: Recommended a manual washing with non abrasive cleaner. Use SOTT Cleaners. Suggested the use mild soap and spounge, avoid to hit the edge to avoid edge lifting.

Long-term high performance CAST film with outstanding dimensional stability and good conformability for applications onto flat surfaces and moderate curves, with or without rivets designed for full and partial vehicle wraps.

This exclusive CAST product combines speedy and trouble free film application, thanks to the AS airchannel liner which allows air to be easily squeezed out during the application and the permanent repositionable adhesive that thanks to the low initial tack allows an easy repositioning during application. The final strong bond ensure a secure and weatherproof finish.
After application, all edges and stretched areas must be heat-set(post heated) at 100 -105°C (212 - 221°C).