Article number: 400-CS01



Perfect for:
- Fixating the edges of wrapped film around corners
- Melting together small film overlaps

Have you ever had small creases pop up at the corners of a wrap? Or small overlaps that lose their adhesion?
This practical tool is intended for releasing the tension off installed film edges around corners. Simply push the hot flat head against the crease or overlap and ‘melt’ the film(s) together and/or in place This effectively fixes the edge of the film until it is tension-free in its new shape.
ABS housing, pocket-size. Works on 2 alkaline batteries (not included).


  • How to use:
    - Make sure film is clean and degreased
    - Activate the device to preheat the flat head This takes about 10-15 seconds (preheating time     increases with deteriorating batteries). ATTENTION! Head can get hot! Avoid skin contact to     prevent injury
    - Place the flat head against the film area and push down firmly
    - Avoid overheating! 1-3 seconds of pressing is usually sufficient

  • Additional information:
    - The enormous heat produced by the Corner Sealer drains batteries fast - make sure you carry sufficient replacement batteries
    - First test the device on a small area out of sight, to assess its effect
    - The heat resistance of films varies. Keep this in mind to prevent damaging the film by overheating
    - In any case avoid contact with the head when still hot after use
    - Do not use the Corner Sealer for other applications than intended
    - Do not use the Corner Sealer longer than 5 minutes in one session
    - Use alkaline batteries (not rechargeable)

Within seconds, the flat head gets hot enough to melt the film.
The flat curved head allows you to melt small creases or curly film edges and close or flatten them.

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