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MATT and
car wrap film


Car wrapping is really HOT at the moment, especially the matt colours. However, it won’t have escaped the notice of car wrappers how much more difficult coloured matt films are to clean than coloured gloss. Why is this?

It’s the dimples in the film
Matte films are somewhat structured with minute ‘dimples’ that deflect light to give it the matt appearance. These dimples collect street grime that is difficult to remove with ordinary cleaners.

Road salt, exhaust vapour and brake dust
Normal street grime is nowhere near as stubborn as the road salt used during the winter, especially when it’s combined with asphalt and rubber.
Add to that the steam from hot engines and the underside of cars that spreads to the sills and spoilers.
Not to mention the dust from disc brakes that escapes through the wheels and clings to side of the car. This is a common problem especially with sports and executive models. These models are much closer to the road and the dirt; they tend to be driven faster, so the brake shoes are subjected to more wear, etc.

What does Carwrap Cleaner actually do?
Carwrap Cleaner loosens the dirt between the dimples and ‘suspends’ it until it’s removed from the surface. The supplied car wrap sponges absorb the dirt preventing it from returning to the dimples. Then just rinse with clean water - job done!


- Don't:
Never use thinners, degreasers or surface cleaners for removing dirt. This will increase the problem much more.

- Just do:
A great seller to add to your range! Your car wrap clients can maintain that perfect look themselves if they purchase a Car Wrap Cleaner set.

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